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O4 - Recipes and multimedia contents for healthy cooking book and short term mobility


Cookery teachers will identify recipes belonging to the cultural heritage of their country. They will redesign them with a healthier vision, creating a new revisited version of past traditional dishes, thanks to the support conducted by the scientific committee (P2). Cookery teachers will propose: 2 first courses, 2 mains and 2 desserts suitable for topic (allergies, intolerance and celiac diseases), 18 for partners, for a total amount of 72 recipes, collected in a handbook to be used for the Pilot Training Course (IO2) and for the AR Healthy Cooking Book (IO5). During short term mobilities, teachers and students will be engaged in the preparation of 9 dishes (3 for topic), selected from the 72 recipes. During the preparation, teachers will underline the scientific theoretical characteristics of the dishes. The preparation phases will be video-recorded by technical school staff for the AR Healthy Cooking Book (IO5).