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O4 - Recipes and multimedia contents for healthy cooking book and short term mobility

Cookery teachers identified recipes belonging to the cultural heritage of their country. They redesigned them with a healthier vision, creating new revisited versions of past traditional dishes, thanks to the support conducted by the scientific committee (P2). Cookery teachers proposed: 2 first courses, 2 mains, and 2 desserts suitable for topics (allergies, intolerance, and celiac diseases), 18 for partners, for a total of 72 recipes, collected in a handbook used for the Pilot Training Course (IO2) and for the AR Healthy Cooking Book (IO5). During short-term mobilities, teachers and students were engaged in the preparation of 9 dishes (3 for each topic), selected from the 72 recipes. During the preparation, teachers underlined the scientific theoretical characteristics of the dishes. The preparation phases were video-recorded by technical school staff for the AR Healthy Cooking Book (IO5).