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Multiplier Events

The aim of multiplier events is to disseminate the results of CHEEP project and its IOs to the Italian stakeholders, e.g. vocational schools, public institutions concerned in healthy cooking education, students’ families, involving a maximum of 70 participants.

Italy Multiplier Event

Country of Venue: Italy
Leading Organisation: IPSSEOA Pietro Piazza (E10037108, IT)
Start Date: 2023-05-30
End Date: 2023-05-30

The Italian multiplier event was held at "IPSSEOA Pietro Piazza" Vocational School (AO)  on 30th May 2023. Specific speeches dealt with the "Evaluation of knowledge, attitude, and perception in the field of healthy cooking" (IO1), the new vocational curricolo in healthy cooking (IO2, IO4), the principles presented in the Healthy Cooking Webinar (IO3) the Augmented Reality Healthy Cooking Book (IO4, IO5), Learning, Teaching and Training Activities carried out during learners’ mobilities in Italy (C1), Spain (C2), Poland (C3) and France (C4). The Italian school students presented their learning experiences and the intercultural impact in their professional perspectives. Moreover, a final buffet was organized and offered to participants. This event was an opportunity for students to experiment themselves in a public event allowed the participating families to acquire knowledge and tools to live “cooking” as a pleasant and healthy moment redesigning traditional dishes, with a new approach, descovering that limits may be a challenging starting point to explore and find new paths.

Sicilia Uno News

3 giugno 2023
pubblicato dalla redazione del Sicilia Uno News il 3 giugno 2023 l'intervista a Vito Pecoraro, dirigente scolastico dell"'IPSSEOA Pietro Piazza" sul progetto CHEEP "Cooking Healthy European Paths"
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Intellectual Outputs Covered:
  • Evaluation of Knowledge, attitude and perception in the field of healthy cooking
  • Healthy cooking webinar for teachers
  • Healthy cooking book in Augmented Reality
Participating Organisations: