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O5 - Healthy cooking book in Augmented Reality

The Italian National Research Council of Italy (CNR) - Institute for Educational Technology (ITD) has developed a new type of mixed-reality book experience, which augments the images of the book with video contents allowing users to explore and navigate the recipes. CNR-ITD has developed a “pop-up book” were pictures come to life as video, which describe the steps and the execution of the dishes.

The book “Cooking Healthy European Paths” is the result of a multidisciplinary and synergetic effort that integrates research, education and innovation with the aim of informing, supporting and directing families, students and operators towards achieving a correct nutritional style paired with a healthy diet and cuisine. The involved schools, the University of Palermo and the CNR have worked on the creation of this book with the cooperation of various professional figures such as doctors, researchers, teachers, cooks and students to create a collection of 72 recipes which reflect the pilot path of professional development in healthy cooking carried on by the students from the partner countries involved in the project. Following a journey through the European partner countries, the students had the opportunity to try their hand at making recipes from different cultures and traditions redesigned following a healthier approach.

The book consists of three parts: an introduction, a collection of recipes, and an interactive part that integrates the content.

The introduction allows the reader to acquire knowledge on the pathologies of diabetes, coeliac disease, obesity and food allergies, their causes and treatment. A collection of recommendations for each pathology enriches the students’ skills in approaching cooking and nutrition with greater awareness in the management and use of food and in the preparation of recipes without losing the pleasure of eating tasty food.

The collection of 72 recipe cards is steeped in the flavours and traditions of the cuisine of the European partner Countries and is organized according to the different pathologies. Each pathology is identified by a colour: blue for diabetes, yellow for coeliac disease, green for obesity and red for food allergies. Each pathology has two Italian, French, Polish and Spanish menus created specifically for it, each of which consists of a first course, a main course and a dessert.

The recipe cards also have icons indicating the presence of one or more of the following ingredients: crustaceans, eggs, fish, milk, nuts,

shellfish, wheat, helping the reader to identify them. Properly reading the list of ingredients of each recipe is recommended for people with food allergies. The recipe cards are enriched with augmented reality content through the use of the CHEEP app.

The students can use the app and capture the image of a dish, then access an augmented contents characterized by a video that describes the main steps in the preparation of the dish.




The app shows the video of all 72 recipe cards of the book “Cooking Healthy European Paths” edit by CNR edizioni.

We would like to thank the schools, the teachers, the experts of the scientific committee who collaborated in drafting the recipes and the reader of all the schools of the partner Countries who actively participated in the creation of these health-focused dishes by sharing the traditions, flavours and aromas of their Countries.

You can access here to collection of the 72 open educational resources and download your favourite recipe cards.

The app is available for free in the google play and Apple stores.